Football FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions 


GCKA Football Guidelines, policies and procedures available HERE

Getting Started:

Step 1: Go to the GCKA Website

Step 2: Click Login in the top right corner.  If not registered create an account for the parent or guardian.

Step 3: Select the Football tab then choose from the drop down menu.  If you wish to register click on the Football registration page.


If you do not have access to a pc, or a web device, you can visit the GCKA Office @ 4750 Haughn Road in Grove City, during office hours: Monday and Friday 10a-2p and Thursday from 5-8pm. 


We will be taking ‘in person' sign-ups during camp dates, evaluation dates, and the first week of practice.


How do you pay?

GCKA offers many ways to pay, either via credit card on our secure site, or by coming into the office and paying by credit, check or cash. All fees should be paid prior to the player starting.


$150 for Tackle

$65 for Kindergarteners to play tackle


GCKA Football also offers volunteering opportunities at our GCKA ran bingo hall on Demorest Rd to help pay for players' fees. For every bingo session worked for a player, that player receives a 1 credit.  Tackle requires 3 credits to play the complete fees. Credits do not expire.  Go to click on the “Bingo” tab for details more detail and directions on how to volunteer – time slots are first come first serve, but you can start now!


Home Field:

Murfin Fields located at 4570 Haughn Rd  in Grove City Ohio is a 52 acre, privately held sports complex that features 4 full length football fields with Goal Posts and seating.


Is this Rec or Travel football?

GCKA no longer fields a “pure” travel program. GCKA Football, like the other teams in the league will have a player evaluation and a coach’s draft. This provides a very good balance, and creates hybrid teams that are a combination of both. Every player is guaranteed playing time.


Do these other teams have the same rules as GCKA?

Yes, GCKA Football has partnered with other leagues in the area to play under the same rules and guidelines.


Are there restrictions for my child to play for the GCKA Knights?

As long as your player is in grades K-6, there are no restrictions to play at GCKA. Players are not restricted by size or weight. We do not, nor do the teams we play, have weight limits, or X-players restrictions


Where do we play?

Practices: Murfin fields.  Games: GCKA Football plays a competitive tackle schedule within the Columbus area. The GCKA Knights will travel to suburbs such as Gahanna, Groveport, Whitehall, Reynoldsburg etc. to play on Saturdays, and an occasional weekday game.



Typically Mon- Thurs 6 to 8pm, until school starts then the teams will go down to 3 days a week Tues, Weds, Thur. Practice will start at approx. 6pm. and last approximately 1.5hrs (or dark) at Murfin Fields.



Helmet and all jerseys, pants, and shoulder pads supplied as part of your fee. You may provide your own equipment, however you will need to sign a waiver and it will not reduce your fees. GCKA Football makes every attempt to adhere to all helmet reconditioning and safety recommendations. These items are NOT yours to keep.

Equipment Needed

Football cleats, leg pads, or padded girdle are required. Beginning 2020, all players need to supply their own mouthpiece. GCKA will not provide rib pads starting 2016.



If you have a question not answered here please email