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Soccer Field Academy (SFA) to provide mentorship to Grove City Kids

Association (GCKA)


Soccer Field Academy is an International Academy Partner of Southampton FC, an English Premiership club that is widely recognized as one of the world leaders in developing youth soccer players.


Through our new partnership, SFA will provide continuous player development opportunities, by providing access to GCKA players to attend advanced weekly training sessions, be selected for elite levels through identification clinics to attend training opportunities in the UK with Southampton FC, and benefit from individual player development programs to assist players in reaching their goals.


The GCKA volunteer coach will have the opportunity to engage in consistent coaching education and development opportunities through clinics and SFA observations throughout the year. All coaches will be provided with access to an online database for designing sessions and creating training exercises.


At the leadership level, club directors will be provided with ongoing support and mentoring opportunities and assistance with the design and implementation of an age and skill-appropriate training curriculum designed specifically for the GCKA player. Club directors will also have access to state-of-the-art methods to assist with the development of their players.


Soccer Field Academy


Is a club-neutral supplemental elite training program for boys and girls ages 8 to 22+. Soccer Field Academy who is an International Academy Partner of Southampton FC and by virtue of our many years of experience perform as a leader in youth development. Our Objective is to provide an environment of professionalism in which through focused and specialized individual player development within a small group or team environment we assist serious like- minded players to progress to the highest level and achieve their goals


Website: www.soccerfieldacademy.com | Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoccerFieldAcad | Instagram: https://


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SFA Summer Camp

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