The John Lehr and Tyler Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

The John Lehr and Tyler Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to Coach John Lehr and Coach Tyler Jenkins who devoted their time and efforts to the youth football players of the Grove City Knights and GCKA. Both John and Tyler represented the best attributes of youth coaches as they were patient, good communicators, and teachers of the game. The Knights lost Coach Lehr (June 13, 2015) and Coach Jenkins (November 26, 2013) suddenly and without warning. There will always be a hole in our hearts and in our organization from this loss.

With that, we offer these scholarships to our players in the memory of our friends; Coach Lehr and Coach Jenkins, who took the time, and made a difference, who took the time to be, “Coach”

Once a Knight, Always a Knight.

Scholarship Information

  • The Grove City Kids Association Football Organizations’ goal is to help players in need of assistance with their participation fees by awarding as many scholarships as possible each season.


  • GCKA Football’s Advisory Board and its donors will award scholarship monies to GCKA Football players to help offset the cost of participation fees for the upcoming season. Participation fees tackle football is $65 and $150 respectfully based on grade.


  • GCKA Football scholarships will be awarded in two amounts, $100 and $50.


  • Each player/parent is responsible for paying the remaining portion of their participation fee to the league directly or through volunteering at GCKA Bingo where they can earn a $50 credit per sessions.


Application Deadline: August 1st, 2021


  • The process only applies to GCKA Football and no other sports affiliated with GCKA.


  • The GCKA Football Advisory Board will post the scholarship applications for distribution to the GCKA Website and make copies available at the GCKA Office. A request needs to be submitted for each player a scholarship is being requested for - no exceptions.


  • Applications are to be mailed or hand delivery and collected from the GCKA Office.


  • All submitted applications are ‘blinded’ (all identifiable information is removed), reviewed and scored by an independent committee. It is important that the application is reviewed carefully before signing and submitting for consideration. GCKA Football scholarships are awarded based solely on the information provided on the scholarship application.
    • Missing or incomplete information will lessen an applicant’s chances of receiving a scholarship. Each player is responsible for paying the remaining portion of their participation fee to GCKA.


  • A panel of three volunteers independently reviews & scores all blinded applications (the player names and identifying information are removed).
    • This independent review board will be selected by the GCKA Football Advisory Board Secretary.


  • Each player’s parent awarded a scholarship and to each player we are unable to award will be notified by the GCKA Football Advisory Board Secretary by August 8th.


  • All scholarship money is paid directly to GCKA and the players’ accounts are credited in the amount of the scholarship they received.


  • Please be aware that if a player decides not to participate after the season has started, GCKA Football scholarship monies and any remaining fees paid to GCKA will not be reimbursed.


  • If GCKA Football is notified that a player, who has been selected for a scholarship, leaves the organization prior to the season starting, their scholarship will be awarded to another applicant based on the scholarship committee’s initial scoring.


  • Scholarships cannot be transferred to another player.

Downloadable Version of Scholarship Form

Click the link below to download:

2021 GCKA Football Scholarship Form