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 GCKA Knights Football


                 2022 GCKA Football Coaches Application

Please fill out the application completely and email to GCKAKNIGHTS@GMAIL.COM

Interviews for all coaches, new and returning will begin on March 5th, 2022. You will be contacted directly to schedule a time and date.

Any questions - please email GCKAKNIGHTS@GMAIL.COM

All interested applicants must go through the interview process in order to be considered for a 2022 coaching position, head or assistant, regardless of previous coaching experience or location.


Camp Update!!!
Please check back soon for an update about our 2022 GCKA Football Camp!

Come join the Grove City Knights Football Program! @ GCKA
Player Evaluations:
ALL players, new or returning are asked to attend all 3 nights of evaluation. Evaluations TBD 6-8PM at Murfin Fields. 
**Players not attending will be subject to "non-attending player" draft rules and guidelines.**
Practices: TYPICALLY Mon-Thurs until school starts then the teams will go down to 3 days a week - days to be determined by the individual coach.
Games: Home games will be played at Murfin Fields and away games will be played in surrounding areas including but not limited to: Groveport, Whitehall and Reynoldsburg.  Games will be typically played on Saturdays. Occasionally a weekday game may be scheduled or night games. Games times are normally 9am, 11am, and 1pm.
Equipment/Uniforms Provided: Helmet, jerseys, pants and shoulder pads supplied as part of your fee. 
GCKA will NOT be providing ribs pads, girdles, or any leg, knee, or hip pads.
Items Needed: Football cleats, leg pads or padded girdle are required and NOT provided by GCKA.
Honoring Requests: Teams are drafted after evaluations and the goal of GCKA Football is to assemble balanced teams.  This is based on skill, size, experience and many other things.  Requests to have players on the same team cannot be honored due to this process. GCKA Football does not allow players to "play up" a division. Divisions are based up on the grades (K-2, 3/4, 5/6). A player’s grade is determined by the current 2022-2023 school year. 
Draft: After registration will be evaluations, then a draft will be held.  Coaches will select players accordingly, in the same fashion as the NFL draft. The coach then contacts their teams' players/parents. If you have any questions or have not been contacted by JULY 31, 2022 please call the GCKA office at or email
Volunteer Coaches: Email and our Asst. Commissioner will contact you about available opportunities and answer any additional questions you may have. All coaches will go through an application and interview process along with a background check.
Sponsorship Opportunities: Email to be sent a Sponsorship package that explains our mission and need.          


The GCKA Football Advisory Board would like to welcome our newest members and returning members in different roles. Commissioner James Binford, Assistant Commissioner Willie Tryon, Treasurer Justin Endicott, Secretary Harold Goings, Equipment/Facilities Jordan Rawlins. We are excited to add them to the GCKA Board and look forward to working with them to help give you and your children the best youth sporting experience possible!

Spirit wear

Player Selection and Cost Breakdown


Information on some 2020-2021 changes:

Team Size:

  1. In 2021 our objective will be to have 25-30 players per team depending on registration numbers per division this may varry.


  • More is not always better – but we must balance team size with Coaches and playing time.
  • The Advisory Board has agreed to target team sizes for 2021, and will attempt to adhere to that goal.
  • In 2019 the MINI OCC added a D1 and D2 Senior Division to the 5/6th grade levels. This division is intended to help create parity and equal competition throughout the league.
  • SIBLING RULE - In 2019, the Advisory Board voted to omit the sibling rule from football for siblings outside of the division. Only those siblings/step-siblings playing in the same division will be placed on the same team. Siblings playing in different divisions will not be guaranteed the same "color" unless they are drafted that way.

Returning Players in Division ONLY:

IN DIVISION ONLY, a player can return to their previous team if they so choose to do so. If a player determines not to return to their team, they must select that on their application and will be placed in the draft, with NO guarantee that the player will not be drafted back to their old team.

A player that was a "Protected Player" in the previous season, and is staying within the division is now classified as a "Returning Player".


Players may return to the team they were on the previous year, as long as the following criteria is met:


    • The player is remaining in the same division.
  2. The player has selected on their registration form that they wish to return to their previous team.
  3. The player has registered prior to the first scheduled evaluation period, and draft.

Any player not meeting the above criteria, who is not a “Protected Player” is not guaranteed to return to their team and could be placed into the draft, or any future supplemental or blind drafts for selection to a team



Q. My player was a Kindergartner or a 1st Grader last year and wish to return to his from last year in the Mini Division. Can he?
A. Yes, your player may request to return to their previous Mini team as Second Grader.
Q. My player was a 3rd Grader last year and wish to return to his from last year in the Junior Division. Can he?
A. Yes, your player may request to return to their previous Junior team as a Fourth Grader.
Q. My player was a 2nd Grader last year in the Mini Division, can he stay on the same team he was on, at the Junior Division?
A. No, unless your player is drafted to that team, a previous year Mini player cannot request a Junior team. The only way is, if that player is "protected player" or drafted to that team.
Q. My player was a 4th Grader last year in the Junior Division, can he stay on the same team he was on, at the Senior Division?
A. No, unless your player is drafted to that team, a previous year Junior player cannot request a Senior team. The only way is, if that player is a "protected player" or drafted to that team.


Everyone asks "what are our fees used?" - $135 of the $150 is just on facility cost, referee fees, and insurance.

Here is a breakdown of the cost for one football at a very high level:


2020 Player Cost Breakdown
New Item Cost Reconditioned Cost Cost
Schutt A3+ $150.00 Helmet $25.00
TPU Ear Pads $10.00 Ear Pads $10.00
Helmet Decal $5.00 Helmet Decal $5.00
Shoulder Pads $60.00 Shoulder Pads
Chinstraps $20.00 Chinstraps $20.00
Mouthpiece $10.00 Mouthpiece $10.00
Game Jersey $40.00 Game Jersey
Game Pants $20.00 Game Pants
Practice Jersey $10.00 Practice Jersey
Practice Pants $20.00 Practice Pants
Belt $1.50 Belt
Insurance per Player $10.00 Insurance per Player $10.00
Facility Cost per Player $90.00 Facility Cost per Player $90.00
Referee Cost per Player $35.00 Referee Cost per Player $35.00
Other Items $15.00 Other Items $15.00
Total Cost $476.50 Total Cost $200.00
Fee per Player $150.00 Fee per Player $150.00
Net -$326.50 Net -$50.00



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Normal office hours @ 4570 Haughn Rd, Grove City, OH 43123.
Monday and Friday 10-2 and Thursday from 5-8pm


About Football


The GCKA football program is dedicated to provide quality training and an equal opportunity for every child interested in learning more about football. We offer divisions for kids from kindergarten through 6th grade.   GCKA plays in the Mini-OCC League, made up of teams representing, Reynoldsburg, Whitehall, and Groveport.

If you need assistance in paying fees to allow your child to play football we do offer a scholarship program for those that qualify, as well as providing the opportunity to work 3 sessions of Bingo to pay for a players seasonal fee.


Offered Programs

  Tackle Football:
Football offers three age/weight divisions. The league maintains a competitive environment with proper instruction and opportunity for every child. Our coaches are trained as part of the USA Football program and are motivated to build both quality athletic skill and character in our players. 


If you have questions or special requests, please email us at