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2019 Knights Football Registration Information

All dates, times, fees are subject to change. Please check back frequently.


Welcome to the GCKA Knights 2019 Football Program!


2018 Mini OCC Senior Division Champions - Black Knights
2018 Junior Division Runner-Up - Red Knights
2017 Mini OCC Senior Division Champions - Black Knights
2017 Mini OCC Senior Division Runner-Up - Red Knights
2017 11U Pickerington Gridiron Classic Champions
2017 Mini OCC Junior Division Champions - Black Knights
2016 Mini OCC Junior Division Champions - Black Knights
2015 Mini OCC Senior Division Tournament Runner Up - Black Knights
2015 Mini OCC Junior Division Tournament Champion - Black Knights

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Register during normal office hours. 

@ 4570 Haughn Rd, Grove City, OH 43123.
Monday and Friday 10-2
Thursday from 5-8pm



May 03, 2019
 Last day of Online SignupsAug. 02, 2019
 Late Sign-ups - $25 Late FeeJuly 1, 2019 
 Grove City Youth Football Camp July 9-11, 2019Murfin Fields

Player Evaluations

July 15, 2019 @6pm-8pm

Murfin Fields

Player Evaluations

July 16, 2019 @6pm-8pm

Murfin Fields

Player Evaluations

July 17, 2019 @6pm-8pm

Murfin Fields

 Player DraftJuly 18, 2019TBD 
 Player Helmet Issue/Fitting w/Zide'sJuly 23, 2019 @4pmGCKA OFFICE
 First day of acclimationJuly 23, 2019Murfin Fields
 Preview GamesAug. 17, 2019TBD
 Opening WeekendAug. 24, 2019TBD


In our never-ending effort to improve the youth football experience and help provide parity as the Mini OCC grows larger, we will be changing how our 5th/6th grade Senior division is split. The Senior division will be split into two divisions, a D1 and D2 division which will be designed to allow the larger organizations and those teams specific to tournaments to play in the D1, and the smaller organizations will play in the D2 division – all very similar to how Ohio High School and the NCAA are organized.


This grouping will look to give teams a chance to play more equal competition. At GCKA, our goal is to field a single D1 team, and multiple D2 teams in the Senior Division. Youth players skillset vary, and this concept should improve playing time for all players, with the intent being, the D2 players getting more field time.


Our focus will be to coach all players up, as we represent ourselves and our community, and to go compete every weekend. Our goal is to compete for league championships, regardless the division, and how we do that is what matters. Our foundation starts with solid coaching that is designed to get the best from our young athletes on and off the field.

2019 Senior 5/6th Division Draft Rules


All players must attend at least one night of players evaluation.

  1. All Senior Division players will be redrafted in 2019.
  2. There will be no Senior Division "returning" players in 2019.
  3. Players selected for D1 will be offered by Wednesday, July 17th.
    1. Those players who "turn down" a D1 offer will be placed into a supplemental draft managed by the Football Advisory Board.
  4. D2 players and those supplemental drafted players will be notified prior to Sunday July 21st of their team.
  5. Players not attending will be placed into the “Supplemental Draft”


    1. Supplemental Draft – The draft managed by the football advisory board that will place players to team to ensure parity and equal competition. Players placed in the Supplemental Draft will be those who:

                                                              i.      Do not attend player evaluations, and are not a “Protected Player

                                                             ii.      Those players who turn down D1, even if that player is a “Protected Player”.

For example: Player X’s father was designated to coach on the Sr. Black Knights. Player X was offered a D1 position and refused the opportunity. Player X will be placed into the Supplemental Draft, and his father will have the option to coach on the team Player X is selected to play on.

“Protected Players”

  1. Senior Division Coaches may still designate players as “Protected"
    1. Limited to 2 Coaches children or near relative.
    2. A team may declare 1 non-coaches’ child as "Protected".
    3. If a "Protected " player is offered a D1 position, the expectation is that the player accepts that position. Any "protected player" that has not turned down a D1 offer must be declared to the advisory board by 11:00PM Wednesday July 17th.

                                                         i.      If the player turns the D1 offer down, that player will be placed into the supplemental draft regardless of their status – “Protected” or not.

                                                       ii.      The Advisory Board will place that player and Coach on a team to ensure parity and equality and avoid "team stacking".


1.       Team stacking is defined as coaches of teams who create an unfair competitive advantage by placing seasoned players onto a single team with the sole intent and purpose of creating an unfair advantage to win.


a.       Coaches should not tell players “Don’t come to evals and I’ll draft you”

b.       Coaches should not tell players “Don’t try your best at evals – so that we can draft you”

If GCKA Youth Football is deemed as stacking a D2 team, we will be removed from the Mini OCC.


Grade heading into next school year
 1st and 2nd Grade


  3rd and 4th Grade  $150
5th and 6th Grade  $150

*Kindergartens will play in an instructional tackle league. Those who wish to play tackle may be placed in the 1st-2nd grade league by SIGNING A PARENT CONSENT FORM.
Late fee of $25 goes into effect July 1, 2019 
Starting in 2018 - a $5 transaction fee was placed on oach order

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All dates, times, fees are subject to change. Please check back frequently.

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