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Thank You To All Our Sponsors!

Interested in becoming a sponsor for GCKA Cheerleading?


There are many opportunities to become involved in GCKA and one of them is by becoming a sponsor for one of our teams. By becoming a sponsor you help the 2,000 children who participate in our organization each year by helping us keep our costs at a reasonable level that parents can afford. Each year our coaches work to encourage and train children to grow their skills and to reach their potential in the sport of their choice. Become part of this great tradition by sponsoring one of our teams this year.

Columbus Obstetricians/Gynecologists, Inc.

750 Mt. Carmel Mall
Suite 100
Columbus, Ohio 43222
Patty Stewart Insurance Agency Inc./State Farm

3907 Broadway
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Tony's Collision Repair LLC


3422 Mill Street
Grove City, Ohio 43123