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Dec, 2017

New for 2018

New for 2018- GCKA will begin charging an Administrative fee per player per registration for each sport.  This fee is $5 and will cover the cost of credit card and check payment processing, refund processing, banking fees and other charges that are incurred to process monies.  Many organizations charge these fees and simply raise fees by the agreed amount.  We wish to track it separately so it will show as an additional item on your registration and you must accept the fee to complete your registration.  This fee is non-refundable.

As any business/non-profit owner knows, charging only what it takes to run a business leaves no room for repairs or improvements.  We are a privately-funded non-profit who does NOT receive any tax breaks or tax monies to repair roads/lots, fields, build or repair buildings or spent a great deal on advertising or partnerships.  One example we have used has been our parking lot and driveway repair.  Multiple quotes have this repair at nearly $5ooK.  This is not attainable if we simply charge what is necessary to “pay the bills”.  There has to be some amount to save and do such maintenance.  We hope that all the players and parents at GCKA will enjoy our facility for years to come.

Please also join us in welcoming in 2018 with a fundraiser on January 12, 2018.

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